These are all the trainers that have been checked by one or more people. Every trainer gets a probability between 1% and 99%. 1% meaning that it is extremely unlikely that the trainer is a Fake NLP trainer and 99% meaning that it is extremely likely that the trainer is a Fake NLP trainer.

Would you please be so kind to fill in our checklist for your trainer so our subjective Bayesian statistical model can calculate the probability that this trainer is a Fake NLP trainer? That way we can see how trainers do and how many Fake NLP trainers there are. We thank you in advance. Also, if you disagree with the assessment below, fill in the checklist for a trainer already listed and we will add your answers to the mix and adjust the probability in the light of the information you have provided.

NameCountryProbability trainer is a Fake NLP trainer
Peter DalmeijerNL95%
Jaap HollanderNL88%
Bouke de BoerNL83%
Willy van VuurenNL67%
Robert DiltsUS21%
Steve G. JonesUS13%
John GrinderUS2%
Joost van der LeijNL2%
Robin StevensNL1%
John LaValleUS1%
Richard BandlerUS1%
Kate BensonUK1%
Fred van SchaagenNL1%

Nota bene: 98% of trainers score higher than a 50% probability of being a Fake NLP trainer. The fact that a trainer is not on this list, only increases this probability as trainers who are likely to be Fake NLP trainers probably also refuse to take the Fake NLP trainer test.

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