Aren’t people having fun during a Fake NLP course?

Yes, people have lots of fun during a Fake NLP course. As an active member of the Dutch Society of NLP – a more apt name would have been the Dutch Society of Fake NLP, I have literally talked to hundreds of people who participated in Fake NLP. If they hadn’t had any complaints, then they almost all told me the same story:

“Yes, I really liked the course. It helped me a lot. The trainer was very inspiring. But I don’t do anything with ‘NLP’ since the course was done.”

Here are the problems with Fake NLP:

  1. These people are taught stuff that isn’t NLP, stuff that actually runs counter to core elements of NLP and stuff that actually hinders them while they are having fun. Normally the trainer would have sold whatever he is doing under a name he made up. Selling it as “NLP” because NLP sells well is a fraud.
  2. Even though most people have fun on average 1 in 1000 people suffers severe harm during and directly after participating in Fake NLP courses. The probability of being harmed during a Fake NLP course is much higher than during a NLP programme.
  3. The good name of NLP is damaged by Fake NLP threatening the future of NLP.

For these three reasons, it is irrelevant that people are having a good time during a Fake NLP course.

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