Is Fake NLP the cause of harm?

Fake NLP is not the cause of harm, because NLP denies the existence of causation. One of the core elements of NLP is the metamodel. Within the metamodel we have rules to prevent distortions of communication. One of these rules is to refrain from making cause and effect statements when communicating to clarify. As this is a clarification, it would be counter to NLP to claim that Fake NLP causes harm. 

Yet, Fake NLP increases the probability of harm to trainees and coachees. Instead of saying that Fake NLP causes harm, the probability of harm increases when one participates in Fake NLP training courses or Fake NLP coaching sessions.So the harm follows after having participated or during the participation.

The rise in probability of harm through Fake NLP is seen because:

  1. There are many more complaints about Fake NLP than NLP.
  2. The severity of harm is much bigger with Fake NLP than NLP.
  3. The harm following participation in Fake NLP has been prevented in almost all cases with participants in NLP.
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