Does Fake NLP harm?

Yes, Fake NLP does really harm people. About 1 in 1000 of the participants in Fake NLP training courses suffers severe harm.  Examples are: a man being beaten up, sexual abuse of a client or a participant ending up in a psychiatric hospital. One could say that 1 in 1000 is not that much. But if every person on the planet learns NLP, Fake NLP destroys the lives of seven million people. What is worse is that all of these cases of real harm would have been easily avoided had the Fake NLP trainer learned NLP rather than Fake NLP.

Furthermore, Fake NLP impinges on the good name of NLP. Many would say that NLP does not have a good name, but when you check, this bad name is due to Fake NLP. Although a bad name might be hurting NLP trainers financially, the real problem of a bad name is that it endangers the longevity of NLP. Unlike many hyped techniques, NLP is a methodology that is already practiced for more than fifty years. NLP practitioners are very enthusiastic about NLP. Yet, if they want the grandchildren of their grandchildren to enjoy the benefits of NLP, one has to do something about NLP’s bad name. One of these actions is to stop Fake NLP. 

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