Who gets to decide what NLP is?

NLP decides what NLP is. Fake NLP trainers think that they can get away with selling their Fake NLP as “NLP” because nobody can decide what NLP is. In reality there is complete unanimity among NLP trainers about what the core elements of NLP are. There is even unanimity on what these core elements of NLP entail. Yes, we all make mistakes and many NLP trainers make small mistakes here and there in regard to the core elements of NLP. Yet, when these errors are pointed out, they immediately see where they made a small mistake and correct their ways. There isn’t any discussion at all about what is or what isn’t a core element of NLP.

Once you are in agreement with what the core elements of NLP are and what they entail, then NLP decides what else is part of NLP and what is not part of NLP. Because the core elements of NLP have two requirements for something to be part of NLP:

  1. It has to be formulated in terms of a NLP strategy.
  2. It cannot violate the metamodel in a relevant way.

Fake NLP fails to meet both these requirements. Fake NLP is not formulated in the form of a NLP strategy and Fake NLP violates the metamodel in a relevant way.

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